As a responsible manufacturer, we ensure that all the wood we use is of the highest quality and is from suppliers who comply with the British and International regulations/guidelines on sustainable resources.

Each wood has different qualities and characteristic making them more suitable for some applications than others. We work with a large selection of timber and can advise on the suitability and finish of your timber choice for your particular project. Listed below are some one the hardwoods and softwoods we use.

  • Oak (Eupoean and American)
  • Ash
  • Cedar
  • Idigbo
  • Iroko
  • Accoya
  • Sapele

All our work can be supplied in its natural state or with finishes such as painted, stained, varnished, oiled or waxed. Each finish is hand applied using only the best stains, oil lacquer and paints from highly regarded suppliers to ensure a surface of exquisite quality. Joinery often incorporates several finishes and materials including stone, glass, granite and architectural metalwork, we have an extensive range of suppliers to ensure that additional materials being used are of the highest quality.

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